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Guyana Regency Hotel Location

Guyana Country Code

Area Code - 592

Regency Suites/ Hotel
98 Hadfield Street,
Werk-en-Rust Georgetown,
Guyana. Tel: 0011-592-226-0571 / 226-0621
Fax: 0011-592-226-0531

To conjure your every personal interest, our hotel is conveniently located in the capital city of Georgetown and within walking distance of popular Nightclubs, Churches, Museums, Shopping Plazas, Historical sites, Governmental and tourist affiliated organizations. .

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    This delightful executive hotel caters for the true businessman or those who wish to be pampered

    Guyana Hotel
Nearby Points of Interest
  • Stabroek Market Area
  • Guyana Museum
  • Regent street shopping
  • The New Thriving Restaurant
  • Tourism Affiliated Organization   
  • National Library
  • Supermarkets
  • All Major Banks